Style Meets the Heat

While most of us wish we could spend all summer in the sea-side, reality is that summer is no longer a three month vacation and the majority of us spend our time street-side. That being said, looking stylish when the weather is literally mimicking a sauna, leaves little to no room for dressing up. Since we’ve grown up in this type of humidity most of our lives, we have learned to style our summer outfits in a way that doesn’t come across as if we were going to the beach all the time – because we don’t.

Part of the reason why our blog is called Iron N Salt, is because we love the combination of a city aesthetic (Iron) mixed with that laid back vibe of the beach (Salt). Finding a happy medium in our style amidst being in crazy humidity has taken a while but see below how we manage below!

Here are some of our tips for dressing in the heat:

1. Handbags, where city meets the beach: Whether we’re going for a more rustic approach with a woven bag or our guilty purse splurges, we love adding a cool handbag to our super simple outfits to give them a bit of an edge. A handbag can really set a tone for the type of vibe you’re going for and you can dress an outfit up or down depending on the type of bag you choose.

purses2. Graphic Tees & Bodysuits: A new love for us lately have been cool vintage-like tees that make a plain denim skirt or shorts a bit more put together. Bodysuits have also been essential in the summer months because they stay perfectly tucked into jeans and therefore, completing the outfit.

outfits3 .White sneakers, a must: This is a trend that popped up this year and we’ve been loving it! White sneakers with any kind of summer clothes such as denim shorts or summer dresses, make any outfit look a bit classier. Just because it’s hot out, doesn’t mean you have to wear sandals everyday. Opting for white sneakers is not only more comfortable, but also looks a bit more refined. Love!

whitesneakers4. Experiment with trends: Whether it’s gingham print or long summer dresses, the heat can sometimes skew our imagination when getting dressed because all we have in mind is comfort and staying cool (as in not hot haha). Off the shoulder tops and dresses can add a bit more style to your summer wardrobe without it being overbearing with the heat. We love experimenting with these types of trends as they can still keep you fresh throughout the day. 


Hope you enjoyed!

Much love,

Dani & Valen


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