Our Coachella 2017 Experience


From the second we touched down in Palm Springs, we were in complete awe of the scenery that surrounds the airport we had just landed at. From the mountains surrounding this quaint yet stunning airport to the tall, skinny palm tress that line up in a untainted line, Palm Springs really is the luxurious oasis that is played out to be.

As first time Coachella goers, we didn’t know what to expect from the festival at all. We had the impression that it was an over-rated “scene-y” place where everyone just wants to take pictures and show off what they’re wearing. The second we walked into the festival on our first day, we were speechless and looking around in amazement of what we were about to experience. “Are we in Disney World for adults?” Yes we were. Immediately we discarded any misconception of the festival and we knew we were in for an amazing weekend.

The people, the music, the scenery, the energy, everything felt so incredible. From one side you see the sun descending in the mountains with the ferris wheel all lit up, while masses of people are all strutting to see the next music set, everyone is in a great mood and the vibes are unlike any other music festival we have ever been to.

The beauty about Coachella is that you can make your experience however you want. Some people bring tapestries, chill on the grass, eat watermelon and enjoy the music from afar. Others, are rushing from set to set trying to be the first ones in line ready to rage the whole time and make sure they don’t miss a single act.

We decided to do a mixture of both, we chilled and people watched, ate a lot, but also made sure we were up close to see our favorite artists.

The people at Coachella are so chill compared to most festivals that there’s even parents with their kids walking around. No one is drunk and pushing you around, people leave personal space, they have manners when cutting through crowds and they respect boundaries. This is one of the reasons our experience was so pleasant. 

Art installations are also not short of incredible. One of our favorite things to do was just walk around and admire the beauty of the festival. The contrast between night and day, burning hot weather to very cold weather, the sunset, the neon lights that reflect the palm trees, the line of colorful balloons that extend above your head; everything is just so beautiful.

Some of our favorite art instillations of the festival include:

Chiaozza Garden by CHIAOZZA: Created by brooklyn based duo Adam Frezza and Terria Chiao. They spent three months creating these botanicals, which stretch across almost an acre of land in California’s Indio Desert.

“Crown Ether” by Olalekan Jeyifous is inspired by the digitized architectural renderings of Nigerian-born Jeyifous. The soaring tree houses are illuminated at night, and according to the artist, serve as a place of respite for worn-out festival goers and a meeting point amidst the throngs of people.

“is this what bring things into focus” by Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan. Hulking above the desert landscape are the surreal creatures of Tatham and O’Sullivan, who represented Scotland at the Venice Biennale in 2003 and 2005.

Full Article here

Overall, Coachella exceeded our expectations in every way. It’s very expensive to get there, but once you’re there, it feels like the best money you’ve ever spent. The festival has a magical vibe to it that is hard to describe unless you experience it for yourself. You don’t need to drink or take anything to feel incredible when you’re there. Anybody who says Coachella is overrated is a hater or has had a bad experience because in reality – it is an actual dream.


Some of our Coachella tips:

  1. Arrive in daylight: A lot of people come to the festival at night and stay in pool parties during the day. For us, being there before sunset made the experience so much better. You see so much contrast and there are many activations that you miss out on if you only see the festival at night. It’s a completely different experience and seeing both is definitely worth it.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes: You will be walking, a lot. If your feet hurt, you might ruin your day so you want to make sure you can walk (and dance) in your shoes for hours and hours. There’s girls who wear heels to the festival and it made us cringe. Just don’t do it.
  3. Bring a jacket: The day is so hot that most people leave their hotel in a bathing suit top but forget it’s desert climate. Hot during the day, cold at night. To ensure you can relax and enjoy your night, bring a warn jacket that you can check in a locker and pop it out at night- makes all the difference.
  4. Try to avoid the shuttle: We had purchased tickets with a shuttle pass and tried it out the first day. We stood in the burning sun for over an hour waiting for the shuttle in a huge line, only to sit in a bus that REEKED of pee. It was a 45 min ride, couldn’t breathe the whole time. Not a fun experience. We ended up renting a car, splitting it among the group, there’s free parking at the festival and it was very cheap at the end. We will definitely be doing this again next time. 
  5. Stay Hydrated: Self explanatory, it’s very hot during the day so drinking water to avoid migraines or getting sick is crucial. Also, wear sunblock kids! 
  6. Make a schedule of music sets:  This is something we didn’t do and regret not doing it. It is so much easier to plan out what you really want to see in order to not miss it. There is so much going on at the festival that it’s easy to get distracted and miss your favorite music acts.
  7. Ride ferris wheel at sunset: It is a magical experience to see the festival from a birds eye view. People look like little ants and it really brings the scale of the festival into perspective. Definitely recommend.
  8. Have fun and let go: The most important thing is go with the flow, especially if you’re with a group of people. Just roll with whatever is going on and have fun!

We are definitely going to try and go to Coachella again next year, it was everything we dreamed of and more.

For more on our experience and outfits worn check out our latest Coachella Vlog/Lookbook below!

All the love,

Dani & Valen



  1. May 13, 2017 / 3:31 pm

    Are we in Disney World for adults?”

    This was my exact thought on Coachella 2017 while walking in as well!

    Love the collage and blog. Keep it up!

  2. ironnsalt@gmail.com
    June 16, 2017 / 4:28 pm

    Haha totally! Thank you! <3

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