New Year, New You? Says Who?

2018 NEW YEAR POSTI always find January a weird, tough month to get through. Around New Years time, the internet, commercials and everyone around me, talks about resolutions and becoming a “new” person because it’s a “new” year. I find that the amount of pressure to be a better version of myself, often leaves me feeling a bit confused of who I’m supposed to be and I lose a lot of motivation on what I was originally doing.

Just because I don’t make drastic lifestyle changes from one month to the other, shouldn’t make me feel guilty. I find that my indulgences often result in guilt and self loathing if I’m doing them in January. It’s nice to think of a new year as a clean slate but not to the point where you question everything in your life because it can result in some mistaken decisions.

The internet goes crazy around the new year, making it seem like out of nowhere, you’re expected to become a gym junkie, a workaholic, a goal getter etc etc etc. I find all this to be too much and complete bullshit.  For me, tackling the January blues (is that a thing? I don’t know) comes with taking each day at a time and reevaluating my situation and making small changes to make sure I have the best year yet.

I do believe in setting new goals in regards to my work, health, relationships, lifestyle etc… but I think we can all agree that there is no need for the pressure to change yourself and become a “new” person, just because the year is different on the calendar. I think too many resolutions can be unrealistic and we are setting ourselves for failure.

I always strive to be a better version of myself, but I don’t need 100 internet memes to remind me. Slow, steady consistency and keeping your goals in check is the most important thing when starting a new year.

Here are some tips that have helped me start the new year:

1. Clearing out my space: One thing I love about the new year, is looking around my environment and seeing things that surround me that no longer inspire me and getting rid of them. I tackle one drawer at a time but old clutter that serves me no purpose is weighing down my life and there is no need for it. Let that shit go.

2. Self Care: January for me is a month to be selfish. I usually say “no” to all plans and invitations that don’t serve me any purpose and will not fill me with good vibes at the end of the night. I much rather watch a movie with my cat next to me than have small talk at a party I don’t want to be at. That’s the beauty of getting older, you start to care less about what other people think and you start doing you!

3. Ease into the new year: December is a crazy month because of the holidays and it’s OKAY to not start January on the best foot. It takes time to feel again like yourself in the routine you had before the holidays and there is no need to feel guilt if things are a bit slower. Listen to what your body and mind needs and it’s a healthier way to start the year.

So I welcome 2018 as the same person I was month ago but open to clearer intentions, new goals and taking each day as it comes.

Hope everyone has their best year yet!



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  1. February 7, 2018 / 5:18 pm

    This is a great article and a reminder that patient progress is better

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