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Processed with VSCO with a4 presetSkincare is something that has sparked our interest since reaching our mid 20s. A few years back, our skincare routines was one of a normal college girl, face-wash, moisturizer and that was pretty much it. With time, we have learned the importance of taking care of our skin and that make-up is secondary when it comes to our face. If you have a good skin foundation, then make-up is not really necessary. Make-up should be way to bring out your natural features, rather than covering them up.

Living a healthier lives has also been a key ingredient in keeping our skin clear at our age, we rarely drink hard alcohol, we eat healthy, and also drinking lots of water is incredible for your skin. Through trial and error, we have found products that work with our skin and keep it clear (for the most part). Of course, we have breakouts like everyone else, but it’s more about using the right products with the right ingredients that will help balance any skin issues.

Building a skincare routine with products that work for you is not only essential for great skin but also a prevention method/ investment for nice skin in the future! Here are some tips on building a skincare routine that works for you!

  1. Cleanse: First things first, our routine always start by cleansing the skin with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or makeup. If you want to be extra good to your skin, consider the Korean method of “double cleansing” which means starting off with an oil cleanser to remove any makeup, oils, sunscreen etc and then cleansing again with a gentle cleanser. This may seem a bit much but if you’re suffering with breakouts we would highly recommend this method! Recommendation: Heimish All Clean Balm & Aveeno Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser 
  2. Exfoliate: This step is essential to keep your skin looking smooth and clear. We recommend finding an chemical exfoliator that is not abrasive on the skin and gentle enough to use everyday or every other day. Lactic acid is a great ingredient to look out for in your skincare as it is a great exfoliating acid. Recommendation: Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment
  3. Essence: This step is one people in the western world are just starting to learn about but has been used for years in Asia. Essence is a water-like substance in that acts as a toner to bring back the moisture into your skin after washing it. When you wash your face, you’re removing oils that keep your skin balanced so its essential to rebalance it with moisture. Recommendation: Missha Time Revolution Essence 
  4. Eye Cream: This is a step that we’re all going to wish we did when we get older. Yes its a bit much and we tend to forget it but its important to protect the skin around the eye which is the most delicate. Recommendation: Caudalie Revitalizing Eye Cream 
  5. Oil/Moisturizer: Once essence and eye cream are done we always follow with a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day/night. This past year, we’ve been switching the moisturizer step for an oil and we’re loving it! Adding the right oil to your routine will do wonders for your skin, leaving it the most glowy, hydrated and balanced it’s ever been! Trust us on this! Recommendation: Luna Sunday Riley & Lapis Herbivore Oil 
  6. Suncreen: During the day, our final step is always sunscreen and to be honest it’s a step that we don’t always remember to do but it is SO important! What’s the point of a skincare routine if you’re not protecting it. Recommendation: Missha Suncreen 

Also, some extra tips on how to keep your skin as clear as possible!

  1. Never sleep with make-up on:  Whether you’re going out, drinking late, or even just studying on your bed, always take your make-up off! Even if you just keep some make-up remover wipes in your nightstand, it’s way better than leaving all the bacteria in your skin clog up over night. The chances of you waking up with new blemishes are very high if you’ve slept with make-up on for hours. For us, no matter how exhausted we are or what time it is, we always take our make-up off and go through our little routine because we know the payoff of doing so! 
  2. Change your pillow case often: This is another big tip that a dermatologist one shared with us. Bacteria builds up in your pillow case incredibly fast and placing your face for hours a day on it, will cause pimples to create eventually. At least washing your pillow once a week, will prevent acne to reactivate as well as your hair getting dirty!
  3. Change your towels: Just like the pillowcases, using a new hand towel every night to pat dry your face, will lessen the chances of your open pores to be exposed to dirt. If you put your freshly washed face on a dirty towel, then you’re taking a step back from keeping your skin clear.
  4. Don’t touch your face: This will probably take a while to get used to the idea that putting anything against your face is bad. Your cell phone for starters, carries so much bacteria and if you’re placing it against your cheek, all of that is sweeping through your skin. Being out and about and constantly touching your face, is also exposing you to attract all of the bad bacteria in your hands. Being conscious of not allowing bacteria-carrying things near your face, will really make a difference!
  5. Wash your make-up brushes often: We have talked about this tip in a previous blog post, but keeping your brushes away from dirty make-up bags or drawers, will eliminate the chances of that bacteria being on your face. Try to set a day a week where you rinse your brushes in lukewarm water and use a gentle cleanser (baby shampoo works great) to wash your brushes and leave them out to air-dry. Also, if you use a beauty blender, make sure to wash it more regularly because the sponge-like material will build bacteria faster, specially when it’s been damped in water!

We hope this was helpful for you guys and don’t forget to DM us if you try out a tip or product! We would love to know what you’ve been loving as well! 


Dani & Valen 


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