Why we’re loving this Retro Style Comeback


Lately, fashion seems to be taking a step back and searching through the archives of style icons reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s. By putting its own spin on older trends, designers have made it possible for women in 2017 to adapt to these new styles without looking outdated.

One thing is for sure, fashion is cyclical, and it becomes more apparent with time that investing in signature pieces is a good idea. With influential fashion houses such as Gucci leading the way (i.e embroidery), high street retailers such as Zara and H&M have quickly picked up on this “retro” trend that is sweeping the fashion market. Did we mention we kinda of love it?

Of course these trends are always exaggerated and when looking for pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, you want to be careful to not choose items that are too trendy. Thick black velvet chokers… just like that, out of style. The retro vibe that has been filling our Instagram feeds is undeniably cool, but it’s also a phase that we can’t get too sucked into. In moderation, it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane and experiment with clothes we no longer wear that are sitting in our closets (or our mom’s closets)!

As far as this retro trend goes, we love that fashion is becoming more authentic and relaxed than it once was, in the sense that less is more. We’ve always been a fan of muted tones, comfortable cuts and dainty accessories so this vibe is totally up our alley. Part of style is being able to seek out trends and slowly adapting them to create a personal style, something that can never be taken away and it makes getting dressed in the morning an easy and organic process.

See below our summer/fall inspiration when it comes to all things retro!

Retro1jjjjjr3ppppr2Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

We’ll leave you with a summer tune to get you in the retro mood ~ ! 

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