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One of my guilty pleasures since I was a child was trying on make-up. I actually find the process to be very relaxing and quite therapeutic. Since I was five, I would run to my grandma’s beauty drawer and try literally everything she had, it was a tradition for me every time I went to visit her.

Now in my mid 20s, I see make-up as a way to accessorize the face and even though I love it, I’m very conscious of never going overboard or hiding what my face looks like. I seek products that bring out my natural features, instead of hiding them.

Since we are in the fall now, I have changed my routine a bit and have been trying some new products with warmer tones and a bit more glow.

Check out below what I’ve been loving lately!


Lancôme Dual Finish Highlighter

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  • I have been using this highlighter on nights out as it’s a bit too glowy for the daytime. I love that even though it’s powder formula, it is extremely creamy and not cake-y at all! It’s made of  light-enhancing pearls as well as infused with Vitamin E & triglycerides which avoids dryness. You don’t need blush when wearing this because the color is already a rose tone, so it’s definitely a two in one and I love it! 

Albeit glow stick

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  • While perusing through Anthropologie, I took a look at the make-up section which I usually neglect because I’m too busy smelling the candles (I have an addiction). I came across this brand, Albeit, which only sells at Anthro. It is a bronzer, highlighter duo and it looks AMAZING on the skin. You can take this glow stick and use it anywhere on your face or body and it can either give you a light bronze or you can build it up for a nighttime look. I’m also a sucker for great packaging and this definitely ticks all the boxes!

Charlotte Tilburry Beauty Glow Palette

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  • This is by far my new favorite item in my make-up drawer. I kindly got sent this by Charlotte Tilburry’s PR team and I’m so in love because it’s the first palette where I actually use every single color. The colors are numbered so you can go in order and I actually follow the steps and have been loving the way my face looks after I’m done applying it. Everything looks so cohesive and that’s always a goal of mine when doing my make-up, for things to flow and not look like you have a million different brands and colors on your face. I have scaled down my make-up bag significantly because this includes eye-shadows, bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one! Highly recommend as a holiday gift!

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

  • For the ladies who don’t like to wear foundation on a daily basis like myself, this product is incredible for keeping skin dewy throughout the day. This is very light formula with little coverage (just enough to even skin tone) so I only wear it when I’m having a good skin day but still want a lil something something and not be barefaced. This is the second tube that I purchase and the first one lasted me over a year (using it regularly). Even though it’s oil free, it’s still very dewy so just a heads up in case you already have really oily skin.

Milk Make-Up Blur Spray

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  • I recently received this in a gift bag and it’s the first product from this brand that I try and I love it! Living in Miami, setting sprays are a bit of an investment for me because I can spend a lot of time putting things on my face and then proceed to walk outside and feeling it literally melt off. I tried this setting/blur spray which not only sets your make-up, but also blurs out your pores and imperfections on your skin. The feeling when you first spray it is a little minty but it leaves your make-up on beautifully all day. It’s also paraben-free and eco-conscious which is great!

Contour Wands from Charlotte Tilbury

  • I must say that I’m not a fan of the contour trend at all, I think it’s very un-natural and I don’t want to shock people when my make-up comes off haha! This product however is incredible to add a little light and glow to areas of the face that usually don’t get much sun. Again, this is for the nighttime and I don’t apply the sponge directly on my face because I think it’s unhygienic, so I take a clean brush and put some on my hand and apply in the same areas where I put my bronzer. The highlighter is also next level so for a going out look, it’s gorgeous!

Charlotte Tilburry “bond girl” lipstick

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  • I was always a far away admirer of Charlotte Tilbury products because I couldn’t justify the price. I bought my first lipstick “bond girl” on a whim one day in Nordstrom after a very pushy sales lady practically made me buy it and I fell in love. Basically, since over a year ago, I don’t buy or wear any other lipstick. This has become my staple in every season, every occasion, I only wear this. I still have my first tube that I purchased last December and I recently received a new one in the mail from their team and I can’t wait to continue using it throughout 2018!

Becca Tint

  • This one is a little (very) overpriced for the size of the product and I ordered it online thinking it would be a lot bigger than it actually was but I’m a sucker for tints. There’s something about putting a matte color on my cheeks or lips and having it stay on my face without it looking like I have any make-up on that I love. Again, the price is a little ridiculous but I love becca products and if you’re into tints, this is definitely a good one!


Hope you enjoy my current favorite beauty products! I’ll be in Cartagena, Colombia next week so I’ll be doing a travel post about that, stay tuned!



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