6 wellness habits that will change your life

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Every year it feels like we all get busier and busier and have more distractions than ever. That’s why its so important to step back from it all and make sure you are taking care of your mind, body & soul. By incorporating wellness habits into your daily routine, you can live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Here are our 6 tips to start incorporating that will have huge positive affects on your health, mood and happiness!

  1. Eat Clean 90% of the time: Yes, this is a big tip for feeling and looking your best! By eating whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and protein instead of processed food and sugar you can boost your immune system, maintain a healthy weight, and feel amazing! This tip is even better when you cook at home at least 70% of the time. Of course, we’re all human and encourage you to not put any restrictions on yourself so if you feel like having ice cream, chocolate, pizza etc… go ahead! This keeps us sane and satisfied to want to eat healthy the remainder of the time. It’s not about dieting, its about achieving a healthy lifestyle that feels effortless.
  2. Move Your Body: Another essential tip for a healthier lifestyle is to move your body everyday! Find a workout that you love and treat yourself to it on the daily! Thats right, “treat yourself” because although society views exercise as a punishment it’s actually an amazing treat for your body and mind. It’s all about shifting your perspective and enjoying the feeling of being good to your body. Our favorite ways to move our body are Yoga & Pilates! It gives us a great workout and leaves us feeling Zen-ed out! Another great way to feel great working out is treating yourself to a cute workout outfit that makes you feel confident and strong, one of our favorite brands is Peony & Me! They have beautiful designs (you can see in the photos above!) and the materials are so comfortable and durable.
  3. Meditate: Now, this is a new one for me (Valen) but after giving it a try for over two months I can truly see the incredible benefits meditation brings and I’m recommending it to everyone! Meditation slowly trains the brain to clear your mind, be at peace with your thoughts and be more mindful in your everyday. It allows you to see things objectively as they are and connect deeper with yourself and your intuition. By incorporating meditation into my daily morning routine I have noticed I have less mood swings, I am more centered and I have a better connection with others as well. I know this can sound intimidating but just take it one day at a time, it takes 66 days to create a habit so just keep it going and you will reap the benefits. I recommend starting with an app like Headspace to learn the foundation of meditation and create a habit, then you can incorporate it as an essential part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth.
  4. Journal: Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with life that we don’t know what to do, what to think, where to start. This is why I love grabbing my journal and emptying all of my thoughts on the page. After you’ve done this, these thoughts are no longer cluttered up in your mind and you feel 100x better and can make better decisions now that you understand where your mind is at. It might feel weird at first but it’s an incredible tool for anyone that suffers with anxiety or stress and helps to reflect to move forward.
  5. Podcasts: A year ago I had no idea what podcasts were and now I am addicted! Podcasts are such a great way to infuse extra knowledge into your life at moments where you would usually be wasting it on garbage radio, social media, etc. I love listening to Podcasts when I’m driving, cleaning the house, cooking, getting ready etc. (The best part is they are free and already on an app on your phone for those of you like me that didn’t know.) My favorite Podcasts that I recommend are “How I built This” in which highly successful entrepreneurs talk about how they started their companies and all the failures they had to endure. This a great reminder that success doesn’t come easy and that even companies like Whole Foods, Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Starbucks, WeWork etc… all started with one persons idea that they chose to pursue! Other great podcasts are “TED Radio Hour” and “The Lavendaire Lifestyle”.
  6. Mindfulness: The definition of mindfulness is the state of being conscious and aware of something, its a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and sensations. This may sound overly simple but its something that we miss doing daily. We’re constantly distracted by our phones, social media, emails, etc. that we stop living in the present moment. Start incorporating mindfulness back into your life with simple ways such as sitting down without your phone and truly enjoying your meals and all of its flavors or taking a walk and noticing all the sensations around you.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and adopt some of these wellness habits into your life! Thanks to Peony & Me for always fueling our healthy lifestyles with the cutest workout clothes out there!

Sending out good vibes!



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